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skiing into the wild
Hello, I'm Diego Martini and this is my web site.
Now it's really new and very simple but I hope
to improve it as soon as possible.
Thanks for your comprehension.
In this frame I published a poem dedicated to a really special girl, who I met few time ago.
Your hand La tua mano Ta main
This my hand
tightens tightly
your hand again,
this my hand
your beautiful hair again,
these my eyes
into your sweet face
and your smile makes me melt again:
intense, far away,
maybe lost,
has found me again
and I ‘m risen again
Questa mia mano
stringe forte ancora
la tua mano,
questa mia mano
accarezza ancora
i tuoi bei capelli,
questi miei occhi
si abbandonano
nel tuo dolce sorriso:
intenso, lontano,
forse perduto,
che mi ha ritrovato
e sono risorto, ancora
Cette ma main
serre étroitement
ta main encore,
cette ma main
tes beaux cheveux encore,
ces mes yeux
faute gentiment
dans ton sourire craquant, encore:
intense, lointain,
peut-ętre perdu,
m'a trouvé encore
et je suis relevé, encore
You can find it in different language version. I sincerely apologise for my language mistakes.
This is the first and unique page. Be confident for the future
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